Different Types of Traffic Bollards for Asset Protection

Traffic bollard posts are important for protecting many different types of property, whether it’s through physical impact resistance or visual deterrence for drivers.

There are many kinds of bollards depending on the location where property owners want to install them.


Some are designed merely to meet safety regulations, while others are designed to provide illumination or even visual appeal in certain areas. These are the three main types of traffic posts you’re likely to see.

Solid Colored Traffic Bollards


What’s a Bollard?

You might be wondering: “What is a bollard?

These traffic bollard posts are the most common type you’re likely to see in public locations.

They are simple, often yellow, black or stainless steel silver, and designed to visually deter drivers while oftentimes protecting from vehicle impact.

Fixed Bollards

Fixed, removable bollards and collapsible posts are available based on the need for temporary or permanent solutions.

Fixed posts are firmly planted in the ground, and are intended to stay there on a permanent basis, while collapsible posts are lowered and removable posts removed entirely when no longer needed.

Many different types of industrial facilities and other locations use these types of traffic posts.

Illuminated Traffic Posts


If a location is particularly dark and requires additional lighting, such as a stretch of street near a park in the center of a city, illuminated bollards provide lighting in those areas. They are usually lit at the top, and give pedestrians and drivers additional visibility at night.

Architectural Traffic Bollards


If visual appeal is the biggest aim, certain locations may want to make use of architectural traffic bollards to help enhance the appearance of nearby architecture or artistic pieces.

Deter Vehicle Attacks

These posts are designed to avoid the potential visual detraction that can occur with normal traffic posts. At the same time, they provide sufficient physical asset protection.

These are simply some of the main types of traffic posts you can install in a location. There are many others with unique designs that are intended for both safety and visibility.

A Little Bit of History

Bollards, as functional street furniture, began with the Romans who constructed milestone markers, horse troughs, and tethering posts made of wood or stone.

They later were used to protect pedestrians and buildings from horse-drawn vehicles.

Bollards have long been used as short vertical posts for mooring boats and ships to docks. Our interest is in the variety of structures to control or direct road traffic.

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